Schedule for Success

    Schedule for Success

    For years now colleagues and friends have been asking me how do I drive initiatives forward and how come I'm always calm and in control with all the things that come our way (I still get overwhelmed once in a while, but definitely much less than most people).
    In reality there are a few simple mindsets and a very specific methodology I use all the time that really gets the overwhelm off my plate while leaving all the important things on it.
    Schedule for Success is where I share them with you in a VERY PRACTICAL manner + how I handle the things we set to do but constantly fail to follow though
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    Things you will  NOT find here:

    - Quick trips and tips (which are helpful, but on a small scale and definitely do not prevent overwhelm - and may even contribute to it)

    - Common sense stuff like stop watching social media and tv or get more sleep (even though they are still solid advice)


    Schedule for Success is divided in 6 parts.

    On the first 5 parts we'll: 

    - Identify what success means for you (it's different for everyone!), 

    - What are the things you're truly looking for and how they can look like for you, 

    - What makes it so difficult for you to do that one activity you really want to do (jog, paint, read, cook, etc)

    - Explore your work and identify what is possible to shift there (you'd be surprised!)


    And on part 6, I'll show you in practice how I consistently set up my schedule:

    - Which principles I follow

    - My methodology

    - Scheduling professional work vs. personal things


    If you feel overwhelmed or lacking time for what you want often, this might be the catalyst you've been looking for :)

    See you there!

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