• Navigating Leadership is the training everyone in a leadership position should go through

    • How many leadership books have you read?


      My guess is... a LOT!

      Yet you're still not happy with how things are going...


      ... how's that possible?

      Most of the approaches you've learnt on those books work only in certain contexts.


      If you have the right context, what you learned is a bliss!

      But if you're context is different (and it changes ALL the TIME) it no longer works.


      Inside Navigating Leadership (the only hands-on leadership program I know of) you'll learn a system that is independent from any leadership approach.

      ... which means it will always work.


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      Why application? To ensure some sort of commitment and alignment in values between you and me.

      When will you hear back? I'll review applications regularly. Usually once every 1-2 weeks.


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    • When price is way below value


      Very honestly. I could put a huge price tag on this.
      The leadership courses I've seen around aren't as complete, spot on or as practical as Navigating Leadership.



      I have a day job and I'm hosting Navigating Leadership with the goal to help as many leaders as possible.

      Number of lives impacted are my metrics. Not dollar bills.


      This might change in the future. For now, you have 3 options based on when you enroll:



      ... when you enroll before June 30



      ... when you enroll during July 2020



      ... when you enroll during August 2020

    • Principles & Methodology

      Traditional teaching methods work in theory but leave you unsure in the real world.

      So the methodology of Navigating Leadership is different: it supports your development on the job.


      I believe you can only learn to manage teams by doing it.
      Therefore, this program is intended to be implemented as we go.


      During our sessions you will:
      - Learn new frameworks about a given topic
      - Do on the spot exercises to determine next steps with your team
      - Evaluate options and discover what is the most appropriate to you
      - Block time to implement exercises with your team


      In between our weekly sessions you will have specific exercises to implement with your teams.
      Everything you need (templates, guidelines, role play practice rounds) will be provided to you so you are fully confident when implementing the action steps with your team.


      These are the guiding principles I base my work upon. If you disagree with any you might want to look for other leadership development options.


      Some of my core leadership principles:


      - Some things are confidential and cannot be shared even when we want to.
      - We never lie to our employees.
      - Always check your own assumptions.
      - There is no "True or False", everyone's perspective is true for them
      - People should be empowered to do their best work
      - The whole organization gains when people are able to do what they do best
      - Our role as leaders is to give direction and support teams to work as autonomously as possible

    • Hi, I'm Carolina. I've been working with teams since 2009, at first as team lead, then as a consultant and lately as both.

      Up to this point I got to lead roughly 10 teams made up of different people, facing different situations.


      These experiences have been the learning opportunities where I realized, both thought learning and experience, all the things I will share with you in the Navigating Leadership live program.


      Today, in parallel with hosting this online program, I work full time as a manager with 4 engineering teams.


      But... more important than my story,


      ... what does this mean for you when you join Navigating Leadership?



      Upcoming Dates:

      Starting 7th September + lasting 14 weeks
      Weekly on Tuesday at 4:30pm CET (Berlin) | 3:30pm BST (London) | 10:30am EST (New York)


      Starting September 12th + lasting 14 weeks

      Weekly on Saturday at 10:30am CET (Berlin) | 09:30am BST (London)


      All live calls will be recorded and you will have access to them in case you can't make it to one of the live classes.


      How do we meet:

      We will meet over an online platform.

      All details sent by email before each call.


      Time Investment:

      Each online session will run for 90-120 minutes so please block time accordingly.

      Each week you will have specific steps to take with your teams, so please allow for 2.5 working hours each week to implement the exercises of the week.



      After you submit your application you will receive an email and, if your application is approved, you will get instructions on how to make the payment.


      Cancellations & Refunds:

      Your application is not bounding. After you application you get an email with the payment details if accepted. The payment confirms your enrollment.

      After that, we do not offer a refund or cancellation policy. You will have lifetime access so you can join future editions when they happen.
      However, if at some point during the program you feel this is something you'd like to discuss, please let me know.



      To keep our interactions valuable during the course, I'm taking 15 people only for the upcoming edition.

    • Full Program of Navigating Leadership

      Each module will take 1-2 weeks.

      You'll have practical exercises to implement with your team every week.

      This is not about doing well in the classroom and feeling lost in the real world. You'll get your hands dirty from day one.

      Module 1: Connection

      In this Module we'll work on how to connect with other people.
      Specifically, the people on your team.


      Here's an overview of topics we'll cover:
      - How Humans Work: principles of human behaviour
      - Psychology
      - Social Dynamics
      - Operating Systems
      - Active listening
      - Body language
      - Emotional Intelligence
      - World Maps

      Module 2: Setting up for Success

      In this Module we'll work on the foundations of good team work.
      You will work directly with your team to establish good principles and practices from the beginning.


      Here's an overview of what we will cover:
      - Why people get frustrated
      - Personal & Group Values
      - How Individual Values affect work
      - Expectations: what they are and why they matter
      - Expectation setting
      - Performance metrics
      - Initial performance conversations
      - Working Agreements

      - How to Motivate Others

      Module 3: Strategic Focus

      In this Module, we will work on what your goals are and what are to focus on (from a team leadership perspective) to achieve them.


      Here's an overview of what we'll cover:
      - Identifying key goals and metrics
      - Metrics overload: KPIs, OKRs, which are helpful and which consume resources without adding value
      - Value creation mindset
      - Creating and articulating a vision for your team
      - Getting team on board with goals and vision
      - Priority Management
      - ROI Activities

      Module 4: Ready, set, Go!

      In this Module, you'll start working with your team and doing real work


      Here's an overview of some of the things we will cover:
      - Meetings: Dailies, Weekly meetings, Monthly reviews, Retros: How to know which meetings to set up
      - How to run effective meetings
      - Team Productivity
      - Individual Productivity
      - Delegate Effectively
      - Optimize Processes: Lean Management and Change Management Tools

      Module 5: Performance Management

      In this Module we will cover managing performance of your team and of individuals


      Here's an overview of what we will cover:
      - Performance metrics
      - Expectation management
      - Performance Appraisals/ Reviews
      - How to Give Feedback
      - Turning a Low Performer into a High Performer
      - Managing someone out (How to Fire/Let Someone Go)
      - Development Plans
      - How to Support Individual Development
      - Compensation talks

      Module 6: Team Development

      In this Module we will focus on team dynamics and how you can develop your team as a collaborative group


      Here's an overview of what you'll learn and do:
      - Team Dynamics & Group Behaviour
      - Team Roles & Characteristics
      - Capitalizing on Individual Strengths
      - Facilitating group discussions
      - Why Conflict Happens
      - Conflict Management
      - What are Team Buildings & How to Host Effective ones

      Module 7: Building Your Leadership Skills

      In this Module, the focus will be on your development.
      By this point you'll already have experience from which we can collect feedback to work with


      Here's an overview of what you'll learn and do:
      - Receiving Feedback
      - Coaching Skills
      - Facilitation Skills
      - Positive Reinforcement
      - Integrating Who You Are in your Leadership Role


      Module 8: Maturing

      In this Module we'll pave the work for your team to become more mature and work autonomously.


      Here's an overview of what we'll cover:
      - Personas and Shadows
      - Strengths, Limitations and Improvement Points
      - How to evaluate maturity
      - How to lead your team to maturity
      - Letting Go of Control
      - Building Trust


      What: Online 14 Week Hands-on Leadership Course

      Weekly on Tuesday at 4:30pm CET (Berlin) | 3:30pm BST (London) | 10:30am EST (New York) starting September 7th

      OR Weekly on Saturday at 10:30am CET (Berlin) | 09:30am VST (London) starting September 12th
      Who: You and me + other leaders around the globe (more about me below)
      Why: Finally a leadership course that's practical and helps you in real life

    • Navigating Leadership

      is the 14 Week hands-on online Leadership Program that teaches you a system that works with any team, anytime, anywhere.

      Next editions starts: September 7th 2020

    • What is Navigating Leadership?


      Navigating Leadership is the place to start whenever you feel you're not getting where you want as a leader.


      It takes you through getting a team to come together around a goal, how to manage expectations and performance so you can achieve everything you set yourself to with your team.


      While most Leadership programs are taught by theorists with no or little practical experience within a theoretical classroom environment,


      Navigating Leadership is hosted by someone who learned the theory but has lead 15+ teams and consulted 20+ organizations,


      Watch the video for a full introduction or look at the details below.


    • Navigating Leadership

      ... focuses on essential TEAM LEADERSHIP elements needed for ANY leader in any organization, team or industry

      (which, ironically, most leadership programs miss)


      ... is super PRACTICAL: you'll have practical exercises, conversations and meetings to run with your ACTUAL TEAM

      (and the support to figure it out along the way)


      ... is hosted by someone who has both learned by DOING and by LEARNING

      (who's lead over 15 teams, from events to marketing and to software development)


      ... doesn't preach one specific approach to leadership... because there isn't one.

      (as long as you believe in treating people with respect and that people are generally capable)

    • What you can expect

      The 2 Fundamentals (aka the Basics everyone skips)


      Most leadership courses always skip the basics (or fail to tell you how to do it if they mention it). Why? I don't know.

      There are 2 fundamentals of leadership regardless of your preferred leadership approach.


      You'll not only learn what they are, you will understand different ways to bring it to your team (and/or company) and do it with your team in real life

      The Big Incognita: people


      To lead any group of people, a fundamental understanding of how humans work is necessary.


      You'll go beyond popular understanding of psychology. You'll understand dimensions of human behaviour, thinking and actions that you haven't discovered yet and - more important! - you will practice using this knowledge in real life with your teams and know how and when to use it.

      The Leader is the Key: the essential (and overlooked) leadership skills


      You are now in a leadership position. Maybe you were groomed or prepared for it, maybe you weren't.

      The reality is there is a set of skills any leader should develop.


      Some leaders need some skills more than others (think of Steve Jobs vs Elon Musk), yet some fundamentals are always there.

      Here you'll learn what they are, which ones you need to achieve your goals and lead your team and you'll develop them along the way.

      What can't be measured can't be managed


      Goals, KPI's, Individual Performance...


      There are many approaches to evaluate success and good results. You will learn different ways to approach each topic and figure out which approach makes sense for you, your team and your organization. At the end of the day, you want to know whether you're getting where you want, whether you«re going in the right direction or not early enough to do something about it.

      3 Parts of Context


      There are many leadership styles and approaches out there.

      They're usually all beneficial and useful - but no approach or style is the right one all the time.


      To know how to approach each situation, you need to know the 3 Elements of the Context.

      From there, you can decide what's the best approach to take any given day, in any given situation.

      How to Lead: motivating and influencing others


      At the end of the day, you lead when you motivate and influence people to go in a common direction.


      Without knowing how to motivate them or how to influence them, you can have a brilliant idea or vision, but you'll never see it realized.

      Thinks of the brilliant people who have existed, with amazing ideas and who struggled to get people onboard and ended up ostracized. They failed to learn how to motivate others and get them on board.


      If you want to lead, you need to learn this.

      At Navigating Leadership you will be consistently working on getting your people in the direction you aim for throughout and get my support along the way.

    • Access, support & "making it in the real world"

      Practice as you go... one bite at a time


      Navigating Leadership is designed so that you put what you learn into practice with your team as you go.


      This gives you the chance to adjust course, to ask questions and get support along the way.


      At least once a month, all your questions about any exercise, lesson, anything you've tried to do and didn't quite work... ALL of them get answered in a group call that gets recorded for you to refer to whenever needed.


      My goals is that you succeed in REAL life, not in a theoretical context.

      6 Months of support & Lifelong Access


      Navigating Leadership is designed to take 6 months (you can go through it faster if you want when content is available)


      For the 6 months starting from start date, I'll be there to support you through the journey with Group Q&A calls and supporting you along the way.


      After that, I consider you've had enough practice to sail your own boat and leave your side (to support other people in other editions).


      You'll always have access to Navigating Leadership.

      Sponsor another Sailor


      While I work to break down the financial exclusivity of leadership trainings around the world by offering Navigating Leadership at a more-than-affordable price point for most Western countries, there are still places where this might seem too much.


      Therefore, everyone who signs up gets to sponsor someone who cannot afford joining.


      A win-win for the whole world!

      Access from anywhere - fully Online


      Videos, audios, exercises, texts... ALL online and ready to go!


      Except group Q&A calls, everything is pre-recorded.

      You don't need to be online at any specific time of the day.

    • 6 Months of books vs. 1 Hour of coaching

      It had been 6 months: I had read multiple leadership books and tried without success to implement their advice. I was out of ideas and not knowing where to turn... After talking with Carolina for one hour and implementing her suggestions, it seemed like everything started to fall into place! Our team got its vibe back and we found the purpose of our work which made us focus on what really needed to be done.


      - B. C. , Marketing Director

      The confidence to change

      I had been having this idea in my mind of how we should work for a long time, but for some reason was going back and forth with it. Working with Carolina consistently I was able to overcome doubts and make not only a decision but the actual change to a much better setup. Our productivity increased and so did the happiness of my team.


      - F. D. , CTO

      Efficient meetings & recovered performance

      With Carolina's coaching, I experienced the most productive meeting in months!

      And she helped me figure out how to recover a team member who was not performing so well to become a solid performer.


      - P. F. , Marketing Director

      Way of working & team management

      There was a lot of room for improvement in the way my team was working. We worked together on improving those processes to be more agile and on how to engage the team in the right mood and with the right focus.


      - F. L. , Internal Operations

      Deconstructing people and leadership

      I'd say the biggest thing you've helped me with was to show me how to deconstruct people's reactions and behaviours, interactions and what is needed of a leader in each situation. There was a lot of knowledge I gained from you and because of your structured way of analyzing and presenting, I could understand and implement it straight up.


      - J.F. , Engineering Manager

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      - Regular live Q&A sessions

      - Q&A recordings

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      - Lifetime access

      (as long as course is online)


      - Sponsor another sailor


      Personal Support

      Navigating Leadership




      one time payment

      - All video classes

      - All audio classes

      - Digital Workbook


      - Weekly practical exercises

      - Accountability community


      - Regular live Q&A sessions

      - Q&A recordings

      - Case studies during Q&A


      - Lifetime access

      (as long as course is online)


      - Sponsor another sailor




      - Initial individual assessment (via call)

      - 5 x 30 min calls within Office Hours

    • Navigating Leadership sets sail on Dec 14...

      Your chance to navigate 2021 to good port

    • Hi, I'm Carolina.


      In 2009 I was given a team and a project to lead for the first time.

      Wanting to be a good leader to my team, I read up on the best practices at the time (back then Democratic Leadership was it!) and vowed to follow that approach throughout the whole thing.


      So I did. And it failed.


      Not in all aspects, but in crucial ones: team spirit, decisions that had negative (financial) impact... things I could have avoided if I wasn't stuck trying to follow the best practices.


      After that it took me a while to get my confidence back.


      Fortunately I was surrounded by people who understood it was a learning curve and I was just at the beginning. They supported me and gave me more opportunities to lead other teams and projects. Each one, a lesson learned.


      Today I've lead over 15 different teams and consulted over 30 organizations and leaders.


      Does this mean I think I know EVERYTHING about leadership?

      No, not at all. I think there's still a LOT for me to learn.


      But colleagues and previous clients consistently told me how VALUABLE our work together was. They saw first hand how simple strategies or aspects I pointed out had the results they were trying to achieve for MONTHS with their teams.


      That is the main reason why I created Navigating Leadership...

      So anyone in similar position, anywhere in the world might benefit from what I've learned and taught over the years.

    • Next edition starts Dec 14...

      Sail 2021 to good port... Get your seat while you can

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