• Lead your team successfully on your own terms


      "After reading so many books and 6 months of no results, one conversation with my team got me there" - B.C., USA


    • Lead your team for success, in any context, and on your own terms.


      The Navigating Leadership course is a rarity among leadership courses that teaches you how to successfully lead your team.

      That's because it's designed in a practical manner so you work with your team as you learn, making use of their strengths and your own. What exactly is the right approach? It's up to you to look at your COMPASS and decide what the best approach is.


      When it comes to leadership style, Navigating Leadership goes beyond the right-or-wrong approach or the labelled leadership styles and looks at different aspects that influence your approach. You will soon know how to approach every situation and adjust your approach to each team.

      So how does it actually work?

    • What You'll Learn

      The Navigating Leadership course covers everything you need to know to:

      Find and evolve your leadership voice and style
      Set up your team for success
      Understand and navigate around any circumstances that stand in the way of achieving your goals
      Have specific agreements that enable collaboration and foster trust
      Set strategic goals that will maximize the impact of your work
      Tap into the core motivations of your team members, engaging them in a way that brings the best out of them
      Assess whether you're on the right track and adjust course
      Recover low performers
      Achieve outstanding results without an A-team
      Feel confident in yourself and your leadership

    • Navigating Leadership VS other Leadership Courses

      The Navigating Leadership course offers our students long lasting benefits most leadership courses out there don't.

      Focus on Creating Impact


      Not only will you learn how to ensure your team goals get reached, regardless of all obstacles, we will also dive into strategy and impact. Everything can be measured, but some metrics (and goals) are more valuable than others. You'll learn to ensure goals get achieved + have as much impact as possible.

      Leading Multicultural Teams


      In today's interconnected world, the multicultural aspect of work cannot be ignored. In Navigating Leadership we'll cover the aspects to consider when leading multicultural teams.

      Free Step-by-Step Guides


      When you enroll in Navigating Leadership, you will have access to our database of Step by Step guides on topics such as: giving feedback, letting someone go, preparing vision workshops, team kick off meeting, etc.

      Focus on Practicing


      To learn anything, we need to practice. Contrary to most leadership courses that focus on classroom theory, Navigating Leadership is a practical course. At every step there are exercises for you to do either by yourself or with your team. These are the training wheels of your bike, helping you to learn to ride by yourself so you don't need them anymore.

      Building Your People UP


      Your people, your team are what makes or breaks your work as a leader. You'll learn how to motivate them, how to empower them, how to create an environment that generates trust and how to work in a way that sets them up for success. By making use of the strengths of your team, you'll unleash their potential and have a bigger impact.

      Free Course updates


      For as long as Navigating Leadership remains online, you will always have access to all content updates.

      Professional Guidance


      Along the way, you will have support from me. I'll be there answering any questions you may have, or asking you questions back. Each person will be heading in different directions, with a different type of ship. Therefore, at each turn of the sea, they might need different approaches. I'll be there helping you find the ones that are yours.

      Personal Expression Encouraged


      We are as diverse as it can be. Not only in terms of easily visible things such as gender, ethnicity or nationality, but in deeper ways such as values, personality preferences, tastes, personal preferences, etc. In Navigating Leadership you will not have to fit a mold. Instead, you'll be exploring all the things that make you "you" and how those characteristics can be used in leadership.

      Pay it forward


      When you enroll in Navigating Leadership, you will have the opportunity to sponsor the partial enrollment of someone who cannot afford the course. In this way, we're together building the foundations for more impactful and human leadership across the globe.

    • 6 Months of books vs. 1 Hour of coaching

      It had been 6 months: I had read multiple leadership books and tried without success to implement their advice. I was out of ideas and not knowing where to turn... After talking with Carolina for one hour and implementing her suggestions, it seemed like everything started to fall into place! Our team got its vibe back and we found the purpose of our work which made us focus on what really needed to be done.


      - B. C. , Marketing Director

      The confidence to change

      I had been having this idea in my mind of how we should work for a long time, but for some reason was going back and forth with it. Working with Carolina consistently I was able to overcome doubts and make not only a decision but the actual change to a much better setup. Our productivity increased and so did the happiness of my team.


      - F. D. , CTO

      Efficient meetings & recovered performance

      With Carolina's coaching, I experienced the most productive meeting in months!

      And she helped me figure out how to recover a team member who was not performing so well to become a solid performer.


      - P. F. , Marketing Director

      Way of working & team management

      There was a lot of room for improvement in the way my team was working. We worked together on improving those processes to be more agile and on how to engage the team in the right mood and with the right focus.


      - F. L. , Internal Operations

      Deconstructing people and leadership

      I'd say the biggest thing you've helped me with was to show me how to deconstruct people's reactions and behaviours, interactions and what is needed of a leader in each situation. There was a lot of knowledge I gained from you and because of your structured way of analyzing and presenting, I could understand and implement it straight up.


      - J.F. , Engineering Manager

    • Meet Your Instructor

      I've spent over ten years leading teams and coaching team leaders across industries and countries. From Marketing, to events, to Talent Management, to Software Engineering and Sales, I've either lead or coaches the leaders of such teams. I've learned that what works for one person isn't necessarily what works for the other. Unfortunately, most of the people I've worked with come to me already frustrated or lost, after trying to apply to their teams what they had read in books and articles - which worked for the authors, but not necessarily for them. All because we tend to get caught in the tactics rather than understanding the underlying principles of leadership and people management.

    • Focus on Principles: what will help you lead a successful team in any field

      I believe that there are many approaches to leadership and all of them are right. Because what's right depends more on the Principles you follow rather than the tactics.


      If your tactics are not aligned with your Principles, then no matter how good the tactic is, it will always backfire. Lead by Principles and you will always have the right foundations that support your strategies and make your leadership a successful one.


      In Navigating Leadership you will focus on Principles. That means you'll learn fundamentals such as:


      • Context of Leadership: which factor affect the strategies and principles to use as a leader
      • Four Functions Framework: how people work from a psychological perspective and how that impacts the collaboration of your team and your leadership
      • M.A.P. and RADAR: two tools that help you navigate leadership as you go, keeping you true to your values and advancing work so you achieve the impact you envision.
    • What is the Navigating Leadership course like?

      The Navigating Leadership course consists of multiple "steps". Each step includes small video lessons and practical exercises that you will do, directly with your teams as you progress. It is definitely not a screen course, where you simply learn the theoretical content. It is meant to be put into practice as you go. There is a support community throughout and I will personally be there helping you with any questions along the way. The course includes templates for many of the situations you will face with step by step preparations.

    • Here is an overview of the classes you will go through

      Your Leadership MAP class

      To be able to lead, you need to know where you're going, where you are and the obstacles along the way. In this class you will learn that each leader has their own map and discover your own.

      Leading the Way class

      In this class, you will be looking at yourself and your ability to lead. You'll discover how to lead the way in your own style. Leaders can lead in many ways and we have to appreciate the diversity of leadership styles, identify your strengths and celebrate them.,

      Navigation Tools class

      Leading is not linear. Whenever you set course and have a plan, challenges will appear that you did not account for. As a leader, you need tools that help you correct course and adjust as you go.

      Person Overboard class

      You will face situations where someone "went overboard": they stopped performing, you're one person short at a critical time, someone is hindering the team. In this class you'll learn how to handle those critical situations.

      Team Alchemy class

      When you lead, you're leading people to achieve something together. Your team is an essential part of your leadership. In this class, you will learn how to transform a group of people into a team and how to grow the team sustainably.

    • Is the Navigating Leadership course for Me?

      This team leadership course is for those who want to build a successful, collaborative team without having to become someone they're not. It will show you how to use the characteristics you already have as leadership strengths, how to set aims and goals for your work, how to keep track of them and correct course if something unexpected happens and how to transform a group of people into a collaborative team that works together to achieve common goals. If you want to lead your team to achieve results in a collaborative way, this course is for you.


      The Navigating Leadership course is also for you if you if you're an experienced leader, who's been reading plenty of books and trying to implement many of the strategies you read about only to find yourself disappointed and frustrated. The Navigating Leadership course doesn't preach one leadership style over another, instead it allows you to look at your own characteristics unbiased and understand how to turn them into strengths.


      If you want to be confident, get your team together and lead them to achieve the results you aim for, you will probably thankful to have enrolled.


      Lastly, if you want to be part of a new generation of leadership that puts people, without judgement, at the core of the work and enables everyone to use their strengths for a common goal, achieving the goal in a collaborative way, then this course is definitely for you.

      Navigating Leadership Students Are Different.

      Our students are good people who value others and their differences. Our students are ambitious and driven, yet don't get blinded by distraction metrics. Our students give their all, but find balance for other things in their life.


      They're all part of a new generation of leadership. One that no longer glorifies exhaustive work without value. One that focuses on adding true value, that respects their own time and respects others. A generation that looks at people for who they are and the strengths they have (and can have!). A generation that leads others with respect, in a human way.


      A generation that looks at results and humanity not as opposites, but as complimentary.

    • Pricing Details

      The full course is 299€.

      You can pay with credit card, Apple pay, Google pay, Alipay and SEPA.


      I do recommend getting the whole course, since it allows you to have a more cohesive journey and build on each class with your team. Each individual class will help you with specific topics or situations but will not build your autonomy.

      30 Day Money back Guarantee

      If you've watched only one class and haven't downloaded any materials, we will refund you the full amount.



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