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What's the Best Leadership Style?

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What is the best leadership style? How do I know which leadership approach to take?

That's what we cover today.
It can be difficult to know what leadership approach to take, especially when there's so much advice out there.

In this episode, we talk about what is the best leadership style for you, in your context.

What's the Best Leadership Style?

The answer is: it depends.

The best leadership style is different from people to people and from organization to organization.

So for you to decide what's the best leadership style for you to adopt, you gotta look at a couple of things:

a) who you are

if you're not comfortable with public speaking, giving inspiring speeches isn't going to be your thing - at least for now

b) who your team is

people have personal preferences on how they like to be lead. Getting to know your team is key to choosing what leadership style to adopt. The group dynamic of your team will also influence the style of leadership you'll need to have.

c) which organization are you working with?

each organization will have a different set of rules and norms. What's accepted and expected in one organization might be very different from what's accepted and expected in another organization.

d) your socio-cultural environment

What's accepted in one country might not be well perceived in another.

What is part of the culture of one industry is different from what is traditional in another industry. All these elements contribute to what the best leadership style is.

Here's what you'll do now:

Take a piece of paper and a pen (or use your phone/laptop) and write down the answers to these questions:

- What is acceptable and expected in my cultural and social context?

- What is expected of me as a leader by the organization I work for?

- What is expected of me as a leader by each person in my team?

- What kind of approaches and attitudes will I need to take considering the team dynamic of my team?

- What are the things I'm comfortable with and the things I'm not yet ready to try?

In the video and podcast episode I suggest solutions for when you're not comfortable with some attitudes that might be needed or expected from you.

After you answer those questions, then you can start taking a look at the different leadership styles out there and critically evaluate which will serve your purpose, your team, your organization and yourself.

So... what are the best approaches for you and your context?



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