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How to Manage a Team? 5 Steps to Start

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How to you manage a team? You're in a team leadership position - where do you start? What do you do first? How do you ensure you're setting your team up for success?

That's what we cover today in 5 Steps.

First things first...

1 - Take a Deep Breath

Whether you're super excited because you wanted this for a while or you're feeling anxious because you don't know where to start, take a deep breath.


Why are we doing this? Because it signals your brain to relax and allows you to focus on the following steps....

2 - Set up a learning & support network

As we've seen before, leadership and team management are new skills. New skills you'll be learning. And it's better (and faster) if you already find resources from which to learn before you need them.

This could be:

- online resources like our blog, videos or podcast

- books

- workshops

- mentors

- coaches

- etc.

In the video and podcast we explain what's the difference between a coach and a mentor and how to choose one.

The important thing is that you set up these resources so when you find a bump on the way or feel lost, you know you have places to look for help.

3 - Define your goals

First, you'll do this individually. You'll define by yourself what your goals are for your own leadership development (be more assertive, develop strategic thinking, etc), then you'll define what your goals are for the way you want your team to work (your environment, your culture). Finally, you'll define what are the performance goals for your team (number of leads, conversion rate, speed, etc). Choose between ONE and THREE.

You want to do this by yourself simply to have clarity on the direction you want your team to go. If you're not clear, you won't be able to support your team.

Then, you'll discuss your team goals... with your team.

These are the performance goals. You'll be discussing what are the metrics of your success, keeping in mind the strategic goals of your company. (More on this on the video and podcast episode.)

4 - Set time to get to know your team

Yo! You can't manage what you don't know.

Set time to meet each person in your team individually. Just talk, get to know them: what got them interested in the job they have, what hobbies they have, etc.

Probably the only time I'll tell you to do something without a specific outcome.

But - hey! - it's an important part that will set up the foundations for you to know how to manage the people in front of you AND the foundation for those people to know and trust you.

5 - Set clear expectations

OMG! So much to say about expectations...

So much so, we have a full talk about that.

Being clear about how you're going to work and what to expect (really be real about what to expect, don't say we'll be super creative if then you'll have to follow standard processes) is probably one of the most important parts of starting to manage a team.

It prevents most conflicts and frustrations.

And provides a space to align your team on how you'll be working from then onward.

Simply brilliant!

Let me know how these steps work for you.
This is leadership work for your first two weeks as a leader. Take your time and do all the steps.




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