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4 Keys to Lead a Team Successfully

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How to lead a team successfully? What are the most important things to manage a team successfully?

That's exactly what we cover today.

Today we cover the 4 most important things you can do to ensure the success of your team.

1 - Setting and Clearing Expectations
Most leaders and team managers skip this step - even though it's the most crucial one. By setting and clearing expectations you can eliminate most frustrations and conflicts even before they happen.
2 - Know the people in your team
If you were to do any other work (a project, a feature, a campaign) one of the first things you'd do would be to understand exactly what is expected and how the task or project would work.
It's the same with people.
You cannot manage people you don't know.
Understanding what drives them, what motivates them, what are their strengths, all of that is going to make it easier for you to manage and lead your team.
3 - Understanding your own context
I've seen people in leadership positions implementing certain strategies they read on a best-selling book and failing miserably. I've done the same mistake myself.
The truth is, just because it's in a book (even a best-selling one!) it doesn't mean it'll work for you.
Think about it: if you have a great marketing book that focuses on offline B2C strategies, that's not gonna work if you're working online and B2B.
If you are looking at working principles in agile but you work in waterfall, that's not the best approach for you.
If you read about structuring a sales team, that might not be the best practices for your people team.
Taking the advice you get critically and evaluating if it supports your team and your goals is essential for you to lead your team successfully.
4 - Iterate
Cultivating an iterative mindset will help you lead a team successfully. When it comes to managing teams, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other.
What worked for you before doesn't necessarily work now.
Keeping a mindset of experimentation and iteration will help you to take the pressure off being perfect all the time (essential in a learning process) and keep an open mind to test different approaches.
So, what's the one step you've implemented? What's one you'll implement right now?


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