• Hi, this is me. My name's Carolina Fonseca.


      In 2009 I was given a team and a project to lead for the first time.

      Wanting to be a good leader to my team, I read up on the best practices at the time (back then Democratic Leadership was it!) and vowed to follow that approach throughout the whole thing.


      So I did.

      And it failed.


      Not in all aspects, but in crucial ones: team spirit, decisions that had negative (financial) impact... things I could have avoided if I wasn't stuck trying to follow the best practices.


      After that it took me a while to get my confidence back.


      Fortunately I was surrounded by people who understood it was a learning curve and I was just at the beginning. They supported me and gave me more opportunities to lead other teams and projects.

      Each one, a lesson learned.


      Today I've lead over 10 different teams and consulted over 30 organizations and leaders.


      Does this mean I think I know EVERYTHING about leadership?

      No, not at all.

      I think there's still a LOT for me to learn.


      But colleagues and previous clients consistently told me how VALUABLE our work together was.

      They saw first hand how simple strategies or aspects I pointed out had the results they were trying to achieve for MONTHS with their teams.


      From small business owners to department heads in larger organizations and everywhere in between, what I teach is applicable anywhere, in any organization, anytime, to every leader, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, whether you're a masterful social creature or a shy introvert.


      I've worked with people covering the whole spectrum.

      The value is in the system I teach and it doesn't depend on your personal characteristics or the characteristics of your organization. What I teach can be adapted to suit you and your organization.


      All leadership approaches are valuable at some point, but none is valuable all the time.

      That's why I don't teach a leadership approach or philosophy but a system with steps to take regardless of the approach you decide to follow.


      Looking forward to seeing the astonishing things you'll achieve with your team!

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